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Tag 4 der App-Review-Week. Heute: SwiftKey - Tastatur-App von Microsoft.

Fazit: Datenschutzerklärung zur App nicht vorhanden. Dauerhaftes Tracking - ohne Möglichkeit der Deaktivierung. 😵

#Youtube is deleting Cyber #security videos because they changed TOS, and now everything about how to perform #pentest break TOS.

People at r/datahoarders are backuping ALL #security videos including #lockpicking and are sharing it through #bittorrent

Please, if you can afford it (size wise), share. #fuckYouTube and fuck #censorship

#hacking #pentest #datahoarders #tutorials #knowledge

You think serverless is scalable? You didn't try userless!

These sociopaths will never let go.
The guillotine is the only way.

When I go to my parents home I see hundreds of books in their shelves and I can discover many interesting topics. Without this opportunity I would never have read many interesting books. Did you already realised that the next generation will no longer have the same possibilities? These days most parents only "buy" eBook which can disappear at any time? What does this mean for our children and our cultural heritage? #books #children #education #culturalHeritage

An Tagen wenn und keine Medien mehr können, dann freut man sich über selbst gehostetes wie doppelt.

Mastodon scheint mir die Alterntive für diejenigen zu sein, die social media nicht nur als Meinungskampf-Sport betreiben können.

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